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 About us

Hobbymal color began operating in 1995. Our main activites are all paiting, glazing coating and wrnishing work. 

We perform paiting of private flats but also larger obvects (gchools, halls, restaurants, offices, res, dences, etc.)

We also providepanting facades ingluding color solutions. We offer cooperation in the fied of coating, surfaces, cement, paiting, etc.

We striveto meet all customers, because we use not only domestic but also foreign materials and organic materials, water - based.


We use high - guality tools best brands, use high airless eguipment by which we can satisfy the contract and achieve greater levels of application to the desired area with less polution than in the classical method.

Last but not least, we arrange for the preparation of the painting (Moving furniture and covering with film) and cleaning after.


We offter paint, coat, varnish work.

Paintwork - residential and non-residential premises.

Glazing work - fasade coating, construction, floors.

Wallpaper work - decorating, masonry repairs

Masonry - minor building work, plasterboards


Paint and wallpaper work  - Hobbymal color.


  • Residential and non residential premises, offkes, schools, etc.
  • Primalex paintings.
  • Toned paint.
  • Despersive paint, washing - Paintings.
  • Structured paint.
  • Decorative paint.


Facade paints

  • Coating work
  • Painting concrete and steel structures.
  • Painting floors
  • Antifungal coating
  • Painting windows, doors, door frames.
  • Roof coatings
  • Painting radiators
  • Sprays variopaint
  • Airiess spray coating technigue

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