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Efekt of color on humans - Hobbymal color


Color are an integral part of our lives.

Colors affect our feelings, moods, mental well bening and create an image of personality.Color is a powerful tool.

 May be used to make the atmosphere atronger as well as to practical adjustments to the interior.Correct choise of colors create a cozy corner in the warm colors (warming hot red and orange tones), gviet, air-space in light blue or pastel green, neutral shades of gray and cream.


Each color perceive otherwise its action affects our moods and our feelings, but also our physical well - beting.

Scientific research have shown that the human body reacts to certain colors change respiratory rate and heart pulse, blood pressure, etc.


Colors may affect even our subjective sensation of temperature.Important is the right color tones for rooms in which they spend a lot of time.


Each color has ms own hot and cold form.

 It depends on how colors are concocted. Red shades are concocted. Red shades are always hot, blue is cold.

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