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Paint and walpaper work - hobbymal color 


  • Residential and non residential premises, offkes, schools, etc.
  • Primalex paintings.
  • Toned paint.
  • Despersive paint, washing - Paintings.
  • Structured paint.
  • Decorative paint.

Facade paints

  • Coating work
  • Painting concrete and steel structures.
  • Painting floors
  • Antifungal coating
  • Painting windows, doors, door frames.
  • Roof coatings
  • Painting radiators
  • Sprays variopaint
  • Airiess spray coating technigue


Other work

  • Decorating (classic wallpaper)
  • Minor masonry repars
  • Plasterboarts
  • Mineral ceiligs
  • Cleaning


Materials used by us to meet all the reguirements to adjust the surface guality, aesthetics and wishes our customers.

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